How do you make memories and treasure them in a unique way for a lifetime?

Every day, knowingly or unknowingly, we create memories. We like to treasure some of them, while forget few others. As the new year is dawning upon us, here are a few tips on creating more memories this year and treasuring them in unique ways. (Read more of such enjoyable travel related stories here)

Travel to New Places with your Loved Ones:

What best way to create memories than exploring new places with your loved ones? Travelling to new places, exploring different cultures, customs and gorging on new cuisines – there’s a certain thrill in travelling with the people you love the most. This new year, get hold of a planner and figure out the long weekends. Next, list down all the places that are in your bucket list. Even better, if you can get hold of a personalized planner and then… you are good to go!

P.S: The hot favorite destinations are: Hampi, Tadoba, Spiti valley, Chadar Trek, Jaipur & Jodhpur, and of course GOA! And internationally – Uzbekistan, Turkey, Vietnam are the places to visit.

Or Spend Quality Time At Home:

While there are people like me who are travel crazy, few others would want to stay at home and spend some good quality time with family, friends and loved ones. Whether its Netflix and chill, or cooking at home or just cuddling on the sofa – it helps you to unwind and relax.

Another great way to spend time and energy is to redecorate your home. Hang pictures of your family on the wall in canvas or in frames. The trend these days is to hang the pictures vertically or horizontally in magnetic ropes and decorating the ropes with strings of fairy lights. After all, redoing your home with a personal touch is a great way to spread positive energy. And home is where you seek some comfort after the day’s toil!

Treasuring Memories:

With the advent of the Digital Era, we have changed the way we treasure memories. While we still use a DSLR to capture loving moments, printing photos are passé. We have moved to the digital world of Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to post photos and share it with our family and friends. But what if you would like to treasure few special moments and not put it up on the social media for the world to see? Or what if you would like to surprise your loved one with a memorable gift?

Well, recently I came across this app Zoomin where you can print your photos in a photo-book. And its pretty simple to work with too! Just download the app from your Play Store/ App Store, create a login ID and select the size of the photo-book. You can also choose between a soft cover and a hard cover. Then, link your Instagram or Facebook account and select the photos that you would like to print out, select a theme (They have very pretty themes available), make the payment and you are done! Its as simple as that and guess what, they deliver it quite fast too. And its not only for photo-books, but you can also print out personalized calendars, planners, mugs and even print photos in canvas prints! Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or a regular day, they make for very thoughtful gifts. And a great way to treasure those memories!

So keep creating memories and keep treasuring them in cute little ways! (Read more enjoyable travel related stories here)

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead! Hope all of you get what you wish for!

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