The Benefits of Travelling With Your Partner!

There are more than one advantages if you and your partner love to travel. Not only do you get to spend more time with each other, it also helps in strengthening the relationship and help you understand him/ her better. (And if your partner doesn’t like to travel as much as you do, here’s what to do!) So, what are the benefits of travelling with your partner and why is it so important?

Here’s why it is important to plan that vacation with bae:

  1. Making Memories Together: Its always better to be in a relationship with someone who shares your passion for travel. You both can travel together to new places and create memories together as a couple. It also helps you to unwind and relax together without having to worry about your daily household chores!
Full-time Travellers – Dan & Michelle of Jet Set for Good in Sri Lanka (Source: Instagram)

2. Strengthening Your Relationship: Travelling to new places helps strengthening your relationship with your partner. The more you travel, the more you fall in love! The beautiful experiences that you share together will help you grow in your relationship.

This is what i call “Being Goofy Together” – the Roaming Rebels – Barbara and Louis at the Upside Down House in Vietnam (Source: Instagram)

3. Learning More About Each Other: While going on trips together, you learn about your partner’s strengths and flaws, that you might not have known before. This helps in you understanding them in a better way and to work around your problems.

And it would also be good to take that trip before you plan to get married, so that you know how compatible you guys are and what exactly you are getting yourself into!

Shobha and Macchi of Flights, Fashion & Fries sharing a light moment in Sikkim, India

4. Sharing Expenses: Another benefit of travelling with your partner is it helps you split the expenses and save money. Even better, if he buys you that wine and dinner. And yeah, shopping too!

5. Better Planning: Two is always better than one! And there is nothing more satisfying than a well-planned vacation. Flight bookings, hotel reservations, sight-seeing – both of you can plan your trips together as a team and everything will be a cakewalk.

Jude and Tanya of Travel With 3J at Mexico

6. No Need to Approach Strangers for Pics: You don’t need to approach strangers for taking photos, that usually comes out really bad! They can take some great pics and in all the angles you want and as many times as you want!!!

7. Safety: It is always safer to be travelling with someone (especially for the girls) and who else can have your back better than BAE!

8. Bringing in the LOVE & Passion: You can have your special moments, without having to worry a thing about your work or life issues. So, bring out the candle-lit dinners, that sexy lingerie that you had been saving and amp up the romance and passion!

Roaming Rebels Barbara and Louis

It is a beautiful experience to be able to travel with your partner. You help each other to grow, learn and fall in love over and over again. It also helps to break the clutter of daily monotonous life and gives you that well-deserving break that both of you deserve.

And you know the drill, right? “A couple that travels together, stays together!”

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