The story of a traveler

lake brienz
At the scenic Lake Brienz – A perfect alternative to the much touristy Interlaken

Since the day I was born, I have tagged along with my parents to some exquisitely beautiful destinations. I used to keep a diary writing all about my adventures during these vacations. So, one day when I grew up, I decided to start travelling on my own (or maybe, with friends). I was never really an organised tour kind-of-a-girl and started searching travel blogs online for information. By the time, I planned my first trip to Europe, I had become more or less a pro at itinerary making. And this is when I conceived the idea of a travel blog – The Travel Treasures.

Thus, I came up with the idea of “The Travel Treasures” – the unique travel blog. The blog is an attempt to offer travel information when it comes to accommodation, sight-seeing, cuisines and transport. I try to include missing pieces of information that are essential in planning a trip and is not available in other blogs. And yes, lots of pictures too, because it apparently speaks a thousand words!

The Travel Treasures blog will mostly talk about the best cities to visit in a country, the best places to see in a city, the best day trips and of course the gastronomic experiences.

The Travel Treasures will help you plan your vacation and make it a memorable one too – because you only get one lifetime to do it right!