Do you prefer mountains? Or are you a beach person?

I think the population of the world is split into two-one that loves the hills and the other that loves the beaches! Since centuries, this debate had been prevalent and would go on for centuries more. If you give it a thought, the argument about hills or beaches is quite a severe one. It has destroyed friendships many times, given husbands sleepless nights on couches and silence treatment to the lovers… … and all because we are divided in our views on the ideal location for our next vacation.

Mountains Vs. Beaches:

When you’re facing a dilemma like this, there’s very little you can do.

1) Trying to Manipulate: Put on your bitch mode and attempt to persuade your partner to go with you to the hills. Beg, throw a tantrum,  do anything that works, because… mountains are LIFE!

2) Negotiate: Negotiate with him that if he goes to the hills with you, you’d spend your next vacation with him on the beaches.

3) Make an Agreement: Make an agreement with him where you plan your vacation alternately to the hills and beaches. Nobody really loses out on anything this way. You’d both be a winner! 

4) Draw chits: Draw chits to decide where to go for your next vacation. Though one of you would surely be disappointed after this! And it could be you, too! 😞

5) Go solo/ with friends: Have your heart set on a train ride to Jungfrau but he doesn’t want to join? Don’t worry, in today’s world of travelling-made-easy, go solo and take those Instagram-worthy pictures to slay like a queen. Even better, call your BFF to rescue and take a girls’ trip to cherish for a lifetime!

My Preference?

People like me have been in love with the hills since I could remember. It gives me a certain thrill, a sense of liberty and a new significance to live. I can spend hours together looking at those beautifully formed ranges along the horizon.

I had the chance to witness the beauty of Kanchenjunga in all its glory in Sandakphu (the highest point in West Bengal, India). It’s a sight to behold! (You can read all about it here). Jomo Lhari cast its spell on me in Bhutan (Read about my journeys in Bhutan here) . On any given day, I would choose mountains over beaches.

Saying that, I don’t hate beaches in particular either. Looking at the setting sun in the faraway horizon, as you stand on the coast, it strikes you how vast the ocean really is. The water that sweeps your feet washes away all the world’s concerns. You can get a foot massage, enjoy refreshing coconut water, or just lie down and relax. Beaches are relaxing. But mountains invoke in me a certain desire.

So, as I’m planning our next vacation, my partner is preparing to spend the night on the couch, with just a blanket to keep him warm! 😝🤣

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