A Perfect Day trip to a charming Swiss village along Lake Brienz, from Zurich and top things to do while visiting.


Situated in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland (More Swiss stories here!), Brienz is a small, quaint village located on the shores of Brienzersee or Lake Brienz. The lake is separated by a patch of land from the neighboring Lake Thun.

Brienz is a very small village with scarce population, so there is very less tourists on the street any given day (one of the reasons why I simply loved it). It is one of the German-speaking parts of Switzerland. This is how we visited Brienz as a day trip from Zurich and all the things you can do there.

Getting There:

The best way to reach Brienz from Zurich is by train. There are 2 types of connections that you can avail in this route. Both the connections take around 2.5 hours to reach Brienz.

The first connection runs through Zurich HB – Bern – Interlaken OST – Brienz and include 2 changes. The ticket for this connection costs CHF 74 for a one-way ride.

The second option runs through Zurich HB – Luzern – Brienz and includes 1 change. The ticket for this connection costs CHF 48 for one-way. Trains of both the connections leave around the same time and can be availed every 60 minutes. The trains are clean, runs on time and seats are quite comfortable.

Things To Do:

1. Stroll Around Lake Brienz:

Lake Brienz is a beautiful lake, surrounded by the Brienzer Rothorn mountains. The water is of a beautiful and vibrant blue color and is a spectacular sight. You can casually stroll along the shore, sit on a bench and enjoy the Sun or simply click some amazing Instagram-worthy photos.

2. Take a Cruise Ride on Lake Brienz:

Cruise boat rides are available from Brienz to Interlaken. The ride is a picturesque one and very much enjoyable.

3. Walk Through the Town:

Brienz is a very small village with not many people inhabiting the place. The main road, the Hauptestrasse, runs through the village. You can walk along the street uphill for some exquisite views of the lake and chalets from the top.

4. Enjoy A Sumptuous Meal:

With such a beautiful sight infront, nobody can skip a hearty meal. The main street is dotted with cafes, bars and restaurants. After a long train journey, we settled for a sumptuous lunch of Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken Fried Wings, Beer and Aperol Spritz (my favorite!) at the Hotel Restaurant Steinbock. They have an amazing menu of desserts, too! 😛

5. Buy Woodcarvings:

Brienz is famous for its woodcarvings, including the carvings of the only genuine Swiss cuckoo clocks. There are 3 main shops from where you can buy woodcarvings – Schild, Jobin and Huggler.

6. Eat an Ice-Cream:

The best way to end the day is to have delicious ice-creams while strolling along the lake. Ice-creams are available everywhere – at restaurants, stalls along the lake, and the convenience store at the railway station.

Though we thoroughly enjoyed the day trip to Brienz but I would definitely suggest spending a night or two there. Lake Brienz, with its enthralling beauty and the typical Swiss village charm, will definitely make a place in your heart forever. It is one of the few places that have truly captured my heart.

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