Here is What You Should Wear in Italy During the Fall Season!

The packing list for visiting Italy in October can be leave you confused about what to wear in Italy. Moreover, Italians are one of the most fashionable people on Earth! You will never find them in shabby clothes or clothes that are out-of-season. They dress according to the season (read, cuts, colors, and layers).

Worry not, this list is going to help you pack just the perfect clothing items for your Italian rendezvous. (You can read about my Lake Como day trip here). Follow the packing tips from this post and you will be able to keep up with the oh-so-fashionable Italians!

Here is what you should wear in Italy:

Clothes to Wear:


You will find most Italians wearing a pair of denims. That too, in a darker shade. Team your denims with a pastel or floral top and you are ready to explore the country! I would recommend carrying 2 pairs at least.

You can pack a pair of trousers (in beige or dark blue) for a more comfortable look. This will come handy while going for longer day trips.

If you don’t want to wear trousers, carry capris and culottes. They are stylish, trendy, comfortable and you can visit any church without worrying about covering your shoulders and knees.


Denims or trousers can be teamed with smart and casual tops. Pack in pastel-colored and floral tops in cotton or breezy materials since October can be quite hot and humid (especially in Rome, Naples and the Amalfi coast). Pack the ones that would go with your pants and skirts alike.


Carry casual dresses for a day at the Amalfi coast or for a leisure day in Rome. You can get light colored floral dresses for cute photo-ops at the beach.

For evening/ dinner, pack in a couple of maxi dresses. These would be light and breezy and easy to carry also. Also, a few churches in Italy would want grant you entry if your shoulders and knees are not covered.


I haven’t seen many people wearing shorts in Italy, but if you carry the look, you might as well sport it! Shorts are a savior especially in the Amalfi region and Naples since it can get so hot and humid. (I myself have worn them in Naples).


You can also carry knee-length and full-length skirts. Short skirts can be teamed with black tights for a versatile look.


Jumpsuits and playsuits are great options for daytime or night time wear. They are trendy yet classy. Floral playsuits make an ideal daytime wear.


October nights can get quite chilly. Especially in the northern part of the country, it would be wise to carry a light jacket or a trench-coat. You would definitely need it in Milan and Lake Como.

A shrug or a pashmina shawl or scarf would come handy just in case the air gets nippy in Rome & Naples. You can carry them in your handbag and easily throw them over your shoulders to avoid the chill. The key to dressing in Italy is a lot of layering.


Throw in a bikini or a stylish monokini for a leisure day at the beach.

Bags to Carry:

Crossbody bags are the safest bet in Italy since theft and snatching is an often occurrence in public places.

Shoes to Carry:

Italian streets are stone paved. So, a comfortable pair of shoes is a must carry-on. Moreover, all the most important historical sights like Colosseum, Roman Forum, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Vatican Museum, Pompeii involves a lot of walking. On the day that we visited Colosseum and Roman Forum, we almost walked 10 kms in a day! So, ditch the style quotient and opt for something comfortable.

So carry a pair of comfortable walking shoes or flats for all the sight-seeing you are planning to do. You can also carry a pair of sneakers, if you want.

For dressy evenings, carry a pair of stylish boots.


Sunglasses: Trendy sunglasses are a must for your Italian vacation. Not only do they add style quotient but they also come in handy in the scorching Sun during daytime. And mind you, you would be spending a LOT of time under the Sun! Aviators, reflectors, cat-eyes – take your pick and you are good to go!

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is another essential must-haves for your trip to shield ypurself from the harmful rays of the Sun.

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