You enjoy traveling, but not your partner. How to deal with these differences?

Travelling is Essential:

Traveling is refreshing, informative and a wonderful way to discover oneself. People travel to get away from their daily, mundane schedules. It’s a break that you deserve! After months of struggling at your  job, traveling helps you get your energy back!! Few other people travel when they feel lost and are looking for answers. (Read my views on why travelling is important nowadays)

But what do you do if your partner doesn’t like traveling? I understand, it sounds insane, but many individuals are going through such tough circumstances in life.

You Vs. Your Partner:

Read on to figure out what to do in a situation like this:


Well, it’s a difficult one, but the most sustainable as well. Have a discussion and attempt to comprehend why he / she does not like traveling. If it’s due to budget, you can always suggest that you keep a travel fund where you can begin saving together for your next holiday. You can offer to pay for them, if you want. When he / she believes traveling is a waste of money, that’s the trickiest part! But there must be something he / she likes to do. You can offer to do one thing that your partner likes and ask him to join you on your next journey. You would both be in a win – win situation in this manner.

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Reach out to friends/ family members:

Connecting with your  friends/ family members is the simplest way out of this issue. School, university, post-graduation, friends you have ignored for years. Reconnect with them and apologize for all the time you had gone MIA (I hope they’ll take you back). And what better way than traveling together to catch up on the lost years?!!

Travel Solo:

The ultimate guide to self-discovery!! You must have put extra hours at work for that promotion, those sleepless nights spent putting the toddler to sleep, looking after the family, well, you don’t need more excuses to take that vacation you have always been planning. Travelling solo has its advantages – it frees your soul in a way family trips never can. Spending time with yourself will help clear your mind and make your life more focused. And while traveling solo, you can always strike up a wonderful discussion with strangers.

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Join a Travel group:

If traveling alone is not an option, sign up with one of the group tours organized by a travel company. You can therefore always visit your favorite places without getting into the hassles of careful planning. The company will take care of your visa, hotel booking and sight-seeing, all you need to do is hop on the plane (and pay for it, of course!)

Turn to your bff:

Look no further, your bff to the rescue. Take the much awaited vacation with your best friend. This will not only give you lifetime memories to cherish, but will also save you the trouble of connecting with old friends and traveling solo or with strangers. Also, since both of you will be at the same wavelength, you need not worry about what to see, where to eat or where to party!

Me and Mona at the Angkor Wat (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Dump him/ her:

Just kidding!!!

Hope this helps you plan your next vacation with your partner without getting into the arguments and fights!

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